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Abraham Lincoln Campaign Ferrotypes

What is a ferrotype?                
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Ferrotypes were commonly used in the 1860 and 1864 campaigns for small campaign pins and buttons.


Lincoln-Hamlin Ferrotypes

This 1860 Lincoln-Hamlin ferrotype pin featured Abraham Lincoln on one side and Hannibal Hamlin on the other. It was listed on eBay by walnutts, who frequently lists items of historical interest. The ferrotype pin ended at $635 on March 21, 2011. The ferrotype pin is about 15/16" in diameter. The brass frame bears the year of 1860 on both sides, and the name "Abraham Lincoln" and "Hannibal Hamlin" on the appropriate sides. A hole in the top of the frame allowed a supporter to insert a ribbon to use as a lanyard.

1860 ferrotype

The same type of ferrotype campaing pin sold on eBay in August 2013, to the highest of 12 bidders at $570. Lincoln's face had slightly heavier spotting than the pin shown above, and Hamlin's face was noticeably marked with black spotting. Prior to that, in May, one with spotting sold for $305.

This really nice specimen was listed by extantamericana1 (who sells many historical items through two eBay IDs: extantamericana and extantamericana1) in July 2013. It sold to the highest of 13 bidders for $1,202.

1860 Lincoln


These come up frequently on eBay so be sure to compare condition before bidding.


What is a Ferrotype?

Ferrotypes (often confused with daguerreotypes) are photos on tin, popular from about 1853-1920. Four different types of mediums were popular at various periods in Lincoln's life:

  • Daguerreotype (ca. 1839-1860): photo on polished silver plate; required a dangerous process, heating mercury and using the vapors to develop the plate
  • Ambrotype (ca 1851-1870): photo on glass; cheaper than daguerreotypes to produce but generally resulted in a duller image
  • Ferrotype (ca. 1853-1920): photo on tin
  • CDV or carte-de-visite (ca. 1850-1900): photo on paper--usually a very heavy card stock


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