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Stack-o-Books by the Bed

The Tower of Books Likely to Kill Me In My Sleep


Constitutionally unable to read just one book at a time, I keep a stack of books by my bed. This stack includes books I am currently reading, as well as books I intend to read "real soon now."

Most times, this stack rivals the famous Leaning Tower. Because I live in California (a.k.a. Earthquake Country) and am not what you'd call an early riser, and because the big earthquakes I've been in seem to have happened in the morning...I may one day be killed by the book currently at the top o' the stack.

Slueths and CSI fans, here are the current clues:

  • Blood on the Moon by Edward Steers, Jr.

  • Created Equal? The Complete Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 by Paul M. Angle

  • The Dred Scott Case by Don E. Fehrenbacher

  • Lincoln's Stories edited by J.B. McClure

  • Lincoln by David Herbert Donald
    (This one tends to settle toward the bottom of the stack because I use it for casual reference, so other "reading" books frequently get put on top of it)

  • Lincoln and California by Milton H. Shutes

  • Lincoln's Constitution by Daniel Farber

  • Prelude to Greatness by Don E. Fehrenbacher

  • Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by Allen Thorndike Rice

  • Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin


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