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Abraham Lincoln on Campaign Jugates


What is a Jugate?

Jugates are made from side-by-side portraits, usually of a presidential and a vice-presidential candidate (e.g., Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin; Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson) but sometimes of a presidential candidate and his opponent (e.g., Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan). Jugates can be on campaign pins, cards and posters, or other materials.


Campaign Jugate Ferrotypes

Jugates frequently show the two portraits in two separate areas of the display medium, often in two separate ovals. This fantastic jugate ferrotype for the campaign of 1860 shows Lincoln and Hamlin positioned so that they look as though a single photo was taken.

Lincoln-Hamlin jugate

This 7/8-inch Lincoln-Hamlin jugate ferrotype was put up for auction in August 2013, by eBay seller extantamericana1, who sells many historical items through two eBay IDs: extantamericana and extantamericana1. With four days remaining, bidding had reached $520.


Campaign Jugate Cards

This trade card (3-1/4" x 4-1/4") published by Henry F. Granger & Co. of Boston, showed the Republican Nominees for 1860: Abraham Lincoln of Illinois and Hannibal Hamlin of Maine. It was listed on eBay in February 2011, selling at a final bid of $3,738.

Lincoln-Hamlin jugate on trade card


Bartender's Friend Display

This jugate from the 1864 Presidential Campaign shows Abraham Lincoln and his Democrat opponent, General George B. McClellan. This arrangement was sometimes called "The Bartenders Friend" because both candidates were pictured to avoid showing favoritism toward a particular candidate. That tactic of neutrality prevented a possible fight at the bar or a boycott by those who supported a given candidate.

1864 Lincoln McClellan

This Lincoln-McClellan jugate listed on eBay in August 2013 (with three days remaining, the bidding is at $56 with reserve not met), is offered by gr8paper, who points out many interesting things about the card, including:

  • It is a 3" x 5-1/8" trade card that advertises Cherokee Medicines formulated and sold by Dr. W. R. Merwin & Co
  • "A close examination of the two portraits reveals a possible bias - barely visible white lettering over Lincoln's portrait says 'Medicine for the Unfortunates,' while the phrase 'Cherokee Female Regulator' is printed over McClellan's portrait"
  • The print at the bottom of the card says, "Address all letters to Dr. W.R. Merwin 63 Liberty St. NY," which indicates "that this was not a stock campaign piece, but one printed for and advertising a specific company"

The back of the trade card listed the Cherokee Medicines sold by Dr. Merwin's company:

Cherokee back

Of particular interest today might be: Cherokee Cure, an unfailing cure for Loss of Memory, Universal Lessitude, Pains in the Back, Dimness of Vision, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Wakefulness, and all diseases cause by departing from the path of nature and indulging in youthful follies.


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