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I find no objection whatever to the use of a portrait of my father upon the letterhead of such a life insurance company named after him as you describe; I take pleasure in enclosing you, for that purpose, what I regard as a very good photograph of him.

    - Robert Todd Lincoln, August 3, 1905

Lincoln Lore Title Index


This is a continuation of the Lincoln Lore Title Index, which I have compiled from my collection of Lincoln Lore issues, first published by the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and now published by the Lincoln Museum.

Numbers 1801 - Present

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Num Date Title


Mar 1989

A Chronology of the Trent Affair (Part II)


Apr 1989

Eric Foner's Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution 1863-1877


May 1989

Stephen W. Sears' George B. McClellan: The Young Napolean;
Cumulative Bibliography 1987, 1988, 1989


Jun 1989

Confederate Lincolniana


Jul 1989

Photographing Lincoln: The Transformation of American Photgraphy 1846-1860 (Part I);
Civil War Institute at Gettysburg Collect, 1990


Aug 1989

Photographing Lincoln (Part II);
Cumulative Bibliography, 1988-1989


Sep 1989

Photographing Lincoln (Part III)


Oct 1989

Photographing Lincoln (Part IV)


Nov 1989

Lincoln’s World: Spain


Dec 1989

Lincoln Lore Index: January 1989 through December 1989 (Nos. 1799-1810)


Jan 1990

Phillip Shaw Paludan’s “A People’s Contest”


Feb 1990

Lincoln’s World: Italy;
Cumulative Bibliography, 1989-1990


Mar 1990

Gaudy Books Sold Civil War Memories


Apr 1990

Images of War: Ken Burns’ Film The Civil War


May 1990

A New Letter from the Second Supplement to the Collected Works


Jun 1990

Lincoln and Legal Education in Antebellum America (Part I)


Jul 1990

Lincoln and Legal Education in Antebellum America (Part II)


Aug 1990

Rattling Lincoln’s Bones


Sep 1990

“This Expresses My Idea of Democracy”: A Review of Lincoln on Democracy;
Gettysburg Civil War Institute: Why the South Lost the Civil War


Oct 1990

Kenneth M. Stampp’s America in 1857: A Nation on the Brink


Nov 1990

Iver Bernstein on the New York City Draft Riot of 1863


Dec 1990

Iver Bernstein on the New York City Draft Riot of 1863 (Part II)


Jan 1991

The Lincoln Family Album;
High Comedy and Marfan’s Syndrome


Feb 1991

Some Recent Books on the Civil War;
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


Mar 1991

Some Recent Books on the Civil War (cont.);
Mary Todd Lincoln’s Spirit Photograph


Apr 1991

Democracy and Despotism: William W. Freehling’s Road to Disunion: Secessionists at Bay


May 1991

Democracy and Despotism: William W. Freehling’s Road to Disunion: Secessionists at Bay (cont.)


Jun 1991

Meeting Them—Radicals and All: Robert W. Johannsen’s Lincoln, the South, and Slavery;
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


Jul 1991

Meeting Them—Radicals and All: Robert W. Johannsen’s Lincoln, the South, and Slavery (cont.)


Aug 1991

Lincoln as Pragmatist, or Civil War Consitutional History from “The Bottom Up”


Sep 1991

Lincoln as Pragmatist, or Civil War Consitutional History from “The Bottom Up” (cont.);
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


Oct 1991

“Election-Time in America”: An Englishman’s View of Popular Politics During the 1860 Campaign


Nov 1991

“Election-Time in America”: An Englishman’s View of Popular Politics During the 1860 Campaign (cont.)


Dec 1991

“Election-Time in America”: An Englishman’s View of Popular Politics During the 1860 Campaign (cont.);
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


Jan 1992

Lincoln and the “Central Idea of the Occasion”: Garry Wills’s Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America;
Gettysburg Civil War Institute June 27-July 3, 1993: Lincoln and His Lieutenants: Command Regulations


Feb 1992

Lincoln and the “Central Idea of the Occasion”: Garry Wills’s Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America; (cont.);
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


Mar 1992

“A Task...Greater Than That Which Rested Upon Washington”: A Review of Lincoln, The War President;
Lincoln Library Inventory Begins


Apr 1992

“A Task...Greater Than That Which Rested Upon Washington”: A Review of Lincoln, The War President (cont.)


no date

Lincoln’s World: Election-Time in Britain


no date

Lincoln’s World: Election-Time in Britain, 1832-1867;
News from the Abraham Lincoln Association


no date

“We’ll Go Right on Practicing Law”: The Lincoln Legal Papers;
The New Lincoln Museum


Sep 1995

The Lincoln Museum


Winter 1996

The Emancipation Inkwell?;
Lincolniana in 1995;
At the Lincoln Museum


Spring 1996

Lincoln and the Enola Gay;
Abraham Lincoln and the Politics of Slavery, 1837-1854;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 1996

“Abraham Lincoln and the American Experiment” Receives Honors;
Lincoln’s Other McClellan: General Don Carlos Buell;
Books for Sale;
James T. Hickey, First Lincoln Curator;
Lincoln Cartoons of 1995;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 1997

Saddles and Soldiers;
How Si Klegg and His Pard Shorty Gave a Hand to The Lincoln Museum;
The Ratings Game;
Letters to Lincoln, 1996;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 1997 (2)

Final Respects;
Lincolniana in 1996;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 1997

Lincoln Memorial University Celebrates One Hundred Years;
Abraham Lincoln and the Art of Billiards (Part One);
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 1997

Lincoln the Athlete;
Abraham Lincoln and the Art of Billiards (Part Two);
Still trying to Get Right with Lincoln;
At The Lincoln Museum


Fall 1997

White House Style;
America’s First Ladies;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 1998

Lincolniana in 1997;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 1998

The Lincoln Highway: A Fitting Memorial;
Coast to Coast on the Lincoln Highway;
Lincoln Highway Programs and Events;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 1998

Lincoln Museum Acquires Signed Emancipation Proclamation;
His Own Place in the Sun;
Abraham Lincoln and Northrop Frye’s Five Modes of Fiction;
Ralph Newman, Lincoln Scholar;
At The Lincoln Museum


Fall 1998

The Lincoln Museum Store;
Building a Lincoln Library


Winter 1999

Lincoln from Life: As the Artists Saw Him;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 1999

Lincolniana in 1998;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 1999

In Review: Books by Recent R. Gerald McMurtry Lecturers;
At The Lincoln Musuem


Fall 1999

Lincolniana in 1999;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 2000

Recent Acquisitions;
A Legacy for The Lincoln Museum;
Book Review: Lincoln: A Foreigner’s Quest;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 2000

Stephen in Search of His Mother: Stephen A. Douglas and the Presidential Campaign of 1860;
Hollow, Halloo, Hallo and Holler—a Note on Usage;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 2000

Abe: History as Novel—An Interview with Richard Slotkin;
William O. Stoddard on Abraham Lincoln;
The Lincoln Museum Store Book List;
At The Lincoln Museum


Fall 2000

Lincolniana in 2000;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 2001

Now He Belongs to the Ages: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 2001

Rethinking Lincoln: Lerone Bennett’s Dream;
Lincoln’s Poetry;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 2001

Recent Acquisitions;
Shadows of Lincoln in a Victorian Museum;
Odyssey of a Knife;
At The Lincoln Museum


Fall 2001

We Cannot Escape History;
The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: The Complete Documentary Edition;
But Which Knife?;
Responses to Lerone Bennett, Jr.;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 2002

Lincolniana in 2001;
At The Lincoln Museum


Winter 2002

Dining and Diplomacy: White House China;
At The Lincoln Museum


Summer 2002

Gone With The Wind: Myths and Memories of the Old South;
At The Lincoln Museum


Fall 2002

Research Questions;
Learn More About Lincoln;
The Making of Lincoln: Sculptor Avard Fairbanks & The Lincoln Museum;
Fourscore and Seven Years Ago;
At The Lincoln Museum;
Suggested Websites


Winter 2003

Book Review for Frank J. Williams’ Judging Lincoln;
Assassination Aftermath: Eulogies and Poetry;
The Beecher Bible and Rifle Church


Spring 2003

Lincoln’s Legacy: The Lincoln Museum 1928-2003

no num.

Special Edition 2003

Lincolniana in 2002


Summer 2003

A Walk through the 75th Anniversary Special Exhibition;
Lincoln's Favorite Cake...Really?;
Boritt Named 2003 McMurtry Lecturer;
Commerce—A Basis for Lincoln Scholarship;
Redeemer President by Allen C. Guezlo;
An Interview with Carolyn Texley


Fall 2003

He Will Be Good—But God Knows When


Winter 2004

Author’s Corner (William Lee Miller):
Abraham Lincoln’s Political Faith;
Lincolniana in 2003;
At The Lincoln Museum


Spring 2004

“Institutions Are Not Made, They Grow:” Attorney General Bates and Attorney President Lincoln;
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln: Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidencies;
The Young Eagle; The Rise of Abraham Lincoln


Summer 2040

Herndon’s Dilemma: Abraham Lincoln and the Privacy Issue;
Review of Harold Holzer’s Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President;
Author’s Corner (Harold Holzer)


Fall 2004

Lincoln’s Lore 75th Anniversary: 1929-2004;
Lincoln’s Resonant Eclecticism in His “My Childhood Home I See Again;”
Union, Liberty, and Emancipation;
Two Reviews: “We Are Lincoln Men”: Abraham Lincoln and His Friends, and Lincoln’s Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldier’s Home;
Devout Believer or Skeptic Politcian?;
My Childhood-Home I See Again


Winter 2005

For the Bible Tells Me So: The Use of Scripture to Justify Slavery;
Lincolniana in 2004


Spring 2005

The Emancipation Moment: Lincoln’s Other “First of January;”
Author’s Corner (Frank J. Williams);
Reflections on the Political Philosopher’s Lincoln;
Did You Know?;
Fanatics & Fire-Eaters: Newspapers and the Coming of the Civil War;
Wendy Allen’s An Increased Devotion: A New Looks at Abraham Lincoln


Summer 2005

His Brother’s Blood: Speeches and Writings, 1838-1864/Owen Lovejoy:
American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies;
His Truth is Marching On: God and the Union;
America’s Lincoln Heritage in Virginia: One Man’s Efforts to Enshrine that History;
1860 Presidential Campaign Flags from The Lincoln Museum Collection;
Museum News;
President Abraham Lincoln and Son Tad


Fall 2005

How Lincoln Returned to Washington, D.C. as a National Hero;
Toward a More Perfect Union;
At the Cannon's Mouth: The Founders and Slavery;
Chicago Tribune Names Lincoln Lore One of the Nation's 50 Best Magazines


Winter 2006

My Own Dear Ellen, 1862;
Lincolniana in 2005


Spring 2006

The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln through His Words (review);
Lincoln, Religion, and Romantic Cultural Politics (review);
Abraham Lincoln’s American Dream: Clashing Political Perspectives (review);
A Time for Killing


Summer 2006

Lincoln Lore Interview (Douglas L. Wilson);
Lincoln on Negro Citizenship;
The Impact of Abraham Lincoln’s Constitutional Legacy: A Global Outlook


Fall 2006

Lincoln and the Right of Revolution in the Secession Crisis;
Did President Lincoln Order the Assassination of Jefferson Davis and the Burning of Richmond?;
Lincoln Lore Interview (Allen Guelzo);
Abraham Lincoln, President-Elect: The Four Critical Months from Election to Inauguration;
Living in Lincoln’s World: 19th Century America;
Abraham Lincoln’s Foreign Policy


Winter 2007

Father Abraham: Lincoln’s Relentless Struggle to End Slavery (review);
Four Perspectives on Abolishing Slavery;
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (review);
Lincolniana 2005-2006

1888 Spring 2007 The Disputed Parentage of Nancy Hanks Lincoln;
The Emancipation Proclamation: Three Views (review);
Lincoln's Sword: The Presidency and the Power of Words (review);
Abraham Lincoln and the Conservative Tradition in American Politics;
A Synopsis of Two Recent Books by James O. and Lois E. Horton (Slavery and the Making of America, and Slavery and Public History: The Tough Stuff of American Memory)
1889 Summer 2007 The Lincoln Family Album: New Insights, New Surprises from the New Edition;
"Not as this chile knows of": Myth and Reality in the Black Confederates Thesis;
Lincoln's Letter to Colonel Elmer Ellsworth's Parents: A Study in Literary Excellence;
Lincoln's Response to His Invitation to Gettysburg
1890 Fall 2007 "Keep cool, things is working": Lincoln's Role in his Nomination to the Presidency in 1860;
A Different Destiny: Abraham Lincoln and the Principles of U.S. Foreign Relations;
Naturally Antislavery: Lincoln, Race, and the Complexity of American Liberty
1891 Winter 2008 Abraham Lincoln's Non-Conformist Norfolk Origins;
Lincoln, Race, and Moral Strategy;
The Radical and the Republican: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Triumph of Antislavery Politics (review);
Lincolniana 2006-2007
1892 Spring 2008 Dred Scott v. Sandford: The Case that Made Lincoln President;
The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Transfiguration of Abraham Lincoln;
An Interview with Craig L. Symonds;
Summer Reading: Books about Abraham Lincoln for Students;
An Interview with Herman Belz
1893 Summer 2008

Keeping Your Promises? African Americans, Contingency, and Lincoln's America;
An Interview with Jason Emerson;
Johnson's Island: The Archaeological Investigation of a Civil War Prisoner of War Depot;
An Interview with Robert May;
"Hurrah for Jeff Davis and... God Damn Lincoln to Hell": Abraham Lincoln's Death Threats;
An Honest Calling: The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln, and Lincoln the Lawyer (reviews)

1894 Fall 2008

The Greatest: Lincoln the Great Emancipator and Marshall the Great Chief Justice;
An Inteview with Allen Guelzo;
Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America (review);
An Interview with Vernon Burton;
Rhetoric in Lincoln's Time;
An Interview with William Lee Miller;
President Lincoln: The Duty of a Statesman (review);
An Interview with Harold Holzer;
The Madness of Mary Lincoln (review);
Lincoln's Alma Mater: The Lyceum and the Making of a Self-Made Man;
An Interview with Harry S. Stout;
This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War (review)

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Publication of Lincoln Lore was suspended with number 1894, when the Lincoln Financial Foundation closed the Lincoln Museum in Ft. Wayne. The Friends of the Lincoln Museum transitioned to a new organization, The Friends of the Lincoln Collection of Indiana. In late November, 2010, the latter reconnected with former members of The Friends of the Lincoln Museum to announce its revitalized mission. Lincoln Lore, number 1895, was sent to those former members, with the notice that Lincoln Lore would become part of the membership benefits of The Friends of the Lincoln Collection of Indiana.

Num Date Title


Fall 2010

Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address;
Lincoln Collection Programming at the Allen County Public Library;
Interview with Harold Holzer;
Suggested Reading List;
Digitization Project at Allen County Public Library

1896 Spring 2011 An Interview with Frank Williams about the Year 1861;
"My Own Dear Ellen" (Battle of Murfreesboro/Stones River);
Abraham Lincoln: Hoosier Youth, 1816-1830 (sample of material from the Allen County Public Library traveling exhibit);
Timeline 1861;
Two New Acquisitions for the Lincoln Collection of Indiana
1897 Summer 2011

Abraham Lincoln: The Image;
Interview with Ronald C. White, Jr.;
Lincoln and Taney and the Leadership Lessons of Ex Parte Merryman;
Dual Book Reviews: 1861: The Civil War Awakening and Lincoln and Citizens' Rights in Civil War Missouri

1898 Fall 2011 Interview with Robert Bray;
Abraham Lincoln's Virginia Roots;
Lincoln and Race: The Historiography;
Sources of Lincoln's Greatness: The Case for Books - The Case for Geometry (Dual Book Reviews: Reading with Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason)
1899 Spring 2012 Interview with Frank Williams;
1862 Timeline;
Book Review: America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation;
Lincoln and the Oregon Country
1900 Summer 2012 Interview with Rev. John P. Gardner: Can the Civil War Be Defined as a Just War?;
Book Review: Lincoln and the Triumph of the Nation: Constitutional Conflict in the Civil War;
A Different View on "the Other 13th Amendment;"
Lincoln, the Law, and Race;
Interview with Jason Emerson: Giant in the Shadows: The Life of Robert T. Lincoln
1901 Fall 2012 Interview with Harold Hozer: The Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation;
Stepfather Abraham: Frederick Douglass's Contribution to Lincoln Lore;
Interview with John Marszalek: U.S. Grant;
Where He Grew Up--Indiana's Lincoln Memorial
1902 Spring 2013 Interview with Frank Williams: 1863;
Lincoln's Tricky Emancipation Tactics;
Interview with Guy Fraker: Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit;
Book Review: The Mary Lincoln Enigma;
Items on Display at the Indiana State Museum: The Lincolns: Five Generations of an American Family
1903 Summer 2013

Interview with David Reynolds: Uncle Tom's Cabin;
Interview with Frank Williams: Vallandingham Case and the Corning Letter;
Interview with Joseph Fornieri: Political Philosophy and Beliefs of Abraham Lincoln;
The Story of a Statue (Manship's Hoosier Youth statue)

1904 Fall 2013 Interview with Allen Guelzo: Gettysburg: The Last Invasion;
Ulysses S. Grant, the President, by John F. Marszalek;
Book Review: Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era;
1905 Spring 2014

Interview with Richard Striner (part 1): War Time Presidents: Lincoln, Wilson, FDR;
James McPherson: Lincoln and the West (McMurtry Lecture September 2013);
Abraham Lincoln's Religion;
Interview with Frank Williams (part 1): 1864;

1906 Summer 2014 Interview with Eric Foner;
Lincoln and Religion;
Interview with Frank Williams (part 2): 1864
Interview with Richard Striner (part 2): War Time Presidents: Lincoln, Wilson, FDR
1907 Fall 2014 Statue: Abraham Lincoln on the Prairie (The Circuit Rider);
Interview with Harold Holzer: Lincoln and the Power of the Press: The War for Public Opinion;
Interview with David S. Reynolds: Lincoln's Selected Writings;
Lincoln and His Commanders: Grant, Sherman and Halleck;
Interview with Joseph R. Fornieri: Abraham Lincoln Philosopher Statesman
1908 Spring 2015 Statue: Moody, Tearful Night;
Interview with Frank J. Williams: 1865;
Interview with middle-school teacher Sally Benjamin Butler (part 1): Teaching Lincoln and the Civil War;
So Costly a Sacrific: Lincoln and Loss;
Interview with Edna Greene Medford (Emancipation);
A Law Student Looks at Abraham Lincoln
1909 Summer 2015 Interview with Fritz Klein (Lincoln impersonator): Becoming Lincoln;
Interview with Eric Foner: Gateway to Freedon: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad;
What Lincoln Means to Me--And Not Necessarily to Others;
Interview with Daniel R. Weinberg;
The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln;
Interview with middle-school teacher Sally Benjamin Butler (part 2): Teaching Lincoln and the Civil War;
1910 Fall 2015 The Lincoln Spirit photograph;
Interview with Harold Holzer;
Interview with Richard Striner: The United States and the Westward Movement during Lincoln's Time;
Interview with John Marszalek: Retrospective on the Sesquicentennial of the Treaty of Appomattox;
Why John Wilkes Booth Killed Abraham Lincoln: The Personal and Cultural Contexts of the Assassination;
Preparing for Indiana's Bicentennial
1911 Spring 2016 Lincoln Collection Items on Exhibit at the History Center in Fort Wayne;
Interview with William Bartelt: There I Grew Up;
Interview with Harold Holzer: A Just and Generous Nation: Abraham Lincoln and the Fight for American Opportunity;
A Father in My Affiction: African American Women and their Wartime Letters to President Lincoln;
The Lincoln-Era Greenbacks and their Amazing Relevance Today;
Interview with Frank J. Williams: 1866;
When Freedom Came: Emancipation and the Question of Timing
1912 Summer 2016 Sumiko Tokuda and her prize-winning Lincoln essay;
Letters for Confederate Soldiers;
Interview with Allen C. Guelzo;
Re-Imagining the Lincoln Assassination;
Lincoln without Borders: The Great Emancipator around the World
1913 Fall 2016 The Levi Coffin House;
Lincoln as a Hoosier: Race, Politics, and the Sixteenth President;
Interview with Frank Williams;
The Star-Crossed Case of Clement Laird Vallandigham;
Lincoln the Peddler;
Book Review: A Rebel's Recollections
1914 Spring 2017 What Indiana Civic Life Likely Taught Young Mr. Lincoln;
Abraham Lincoln: Indianan and the West;
Interview with Douglas L. Wilson;
Lincoln's First Flatboat Trip to New Orleans
1915 Summer 2017 From the Collection: Lincoln Apotheoses (post-death lithographs of Lincoln in glory);
Lincoln, Science, and Democracy;
Interview with Richard Brookhiser (author of Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln);
Interview with Brian Dirck on Lincoln in Indiana;
Fort Sumter: A War Won, a Vision Lost;
Lincoln's Three Wishes that All Men Could Be Free
1916 Fall 2017 A Tribute to Ian Rolland;
Interview with Allen C. Guelzo on Reconstruction;
Interview with Douglas L. Wilson on Herndon on Lincoln: Letters;
A Seldom Seen "Emancipator;"
Young Lincoln and the Ohio;
Politics and Lincoln's Relationship with Indiana;
[Frank] Williams Collection of Lincolniana Donated to Mississippi State
1917 Spring 2018 The Lincoln Forum;
Interview with Charles Hubbard on Lincoln Memorial University;
Interview with Lincoln Artist Wendy Allen;
God and Mr. Lincoln;
Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Standing Lincoln: A Biographical Monument to Abraham Lincoln and Its Legacy;
Thomas Lincoln Reconsidered
1918 Summer 2018 Interview with Harold Holzer on the 160th Anniversary of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates;
Interview with Ronald C. White (author of American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant);
President Lincoln's Assassination;
The Long Twisting Road: Abraham Lincoln's Evolving World with the Foreign Born;
Lincoln's Strangest Document: The "Blind Memorandum" of August 23, 1864;
Interview with Hon. Frank J. Williams on the Concept of Just War
1919 Fall 2018 The Debate of the Debates: How Lincoln and Douglas Waged a Campaign for History;
Abraham Lincoln on Civil Liberties;
The Lincoln Family Album;
Abraham Lincoln's Cyphering Book;
Entertainment in Lincoln's Springfield (1834-1860);
What I Did Last Summer (Visits to the Lincoln-Douglas Debates Sites)

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See also: Lincoln Lore Cumulative Bibliography Index by Daniel E. Pearson.

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