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on Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball.

Lincolniana is Abraham Lincoln memorabilia and ephemera in a variety of formats, ranging from the serious and scholarly, to the outright silly and satirical. Here are some Lincoln collectibles in the category, "Lincoln Baseball Cards."

1956 Topps American Presidents 1952 Topps Abraham Lincoln 2009 Topps Abraham Lincoln
Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln Signs of History
Upper Deck Hair Cut Signatures Abraham Lincoln


Auto Cut Variety (Mostly Topps and Upper Deck):

Autograph Cut and Hair Cut Cards

Upper Deck:

SP Legendary Hair Cut Signatures (2009)
A Piece of History - Hair Cuts (2008)
Signs of History (2008)
Prominent Cuts (2009)
Presidential Emblem Cut Signature (2011)


Abe Lincoln Variants (2010)
American Heritage (2009)
American Pie (2002) - Mt. Rushmore
American Treasures (2004)
Campaign (2008)
Civil War News (1962)
First Couples (2008)
Heritage: Hero's Journey (2009)
Heritage: Hero's Journey Stamp Collection (2009)
Look 'N' See (1952)
Presidential Pasttime (2004)
Presidential Plates (2009)
Scoop (1954)
US Presidents (1956)
US Presidents (1972)
Who Am I? (1967)
World Champions (2006)


Topps Allen & Ginter
Famous Fabrics Ink (2012)
Gridley: Heroes of History (1920s)
US Caramel (1932)

1932 US Caramel President Lincoln

Did you know Civil War prisons helped to spread the game of baseball across the nation?










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