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Abraham Lincoln on Topps Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball. Topps, Upper Deck, and many other sport card manufacturers have created presidential cards. Here are some cards that honor Abraham Lincoln from Topps.

Look 'N' See (1952)
Scoop (1954)
US Presidents (1956)
Civil War News (1962)
Who Am I? (1967)
US Presidents (1972)
American Pie (2002) - Mt. Rushmore
American Treasures (2003)
Presidential Pastime (2004)
Presidential Plates (2009)
World Champions (2006)
Campaign (2008)
First Couples (2008)
Heritage (2009)
Heritage: Hero's Journey (2009)
Heritage: Hero's Journey Stamp Collection (2009)
Abe Lincoln Variants (2010)
Magic Historical Coins (2012)

Topps American Treasures Signature Cut Card (2003/2004)

AT-AL is the Topps American Treasures signature cut card with an Abraham Lincoln autograph (auto cut). From the 2004 Topps Baseball Series 1. The1/1 short print (SP) was sold by wolverine24 for $12,277.77 on eBay, August 13, 2009.

Topps Abraham Lincoln American Treasures autograph baseball card

The card features a cut signature in the manner that Lincoln usually signed documents: A. Lincoln.

Topps Abraham Lincoln baseball card



The Topps series honors most presidents from the first George W. to the last George W., for a total of 37 cards.

  President Card Number
  George Washington


  John Adams AT-JA
  Thomas Jefferson AT-TJ
  James Madison AT-JM
  James Monroe AT-JMO
  John Quincy Adams AT-JQA
  Andrew Jackson AT-AJ
  Martin Van Buren AT-MV
  William Harrison no card
  John Tyler AT-JT
  James Polk AT-JP
  Zachary Taylor no card
  Millard Fillmore AT-MF
  Franklin Pierce AT-FP
  James Buchanan AT-JB
  Abraham Lincoln AT-AL
  Andrew Johnson AT-AJO
  Ulyses Grant AT-UG
  Rutherford Hayes AT-RH
  James Garfield AT-JG
  Chester Arthur AT-CA
  Grover Cleveland AT-GC
  Benjamin Harrison AT-BH
  James McKinley no card
  Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt AT-TR
  William Taft no card
  Woodrow Wilson no card
  Warren Harding AT-WH
  Calvin Coolidge AT-CC
  Herbert Hoover AT-HH
  Franklin Roosevelt AT-FR
  Harry Truman AT-HT
  Dwight Eisenhower AT-DE
  John Kennedy AT-JK
  Lyndon Johnson AT-LJ
  Richard Nixon AT-RN
  Gerald Ford AT-GF
  James "Jimmy" Carter AT-JC
  Ronald Reagan AT-RR
  George H.W. Bush AT-GHB
  William "Bill" Clinton AT-BC
  George W. Bush AT-GB




Topps First Couples (2008)

The Topps First Couples base set includes Mary and Abraham Lincoln, First Couple 1861-1865. The card indicates that they were married on November 4, 1842, and that their hometown was Springfield, Illinois.

Topps 2008 First Couples



Topps Magic Historical Coins (2012)

The Topps Magic Historical Coins set includes 48 cards. Two of them are Lincoln-related. They are serial numbered #/25.

The Lincoln Memorial card is HC-LM. It commemorates the Lincoln Memorial dedication in 1922.eBay seller bigj2696 listed the Lincoln Memorial card (10/25) in July 2013 at $50 or best offer. One offer was declined in July.

2012 Topps Magic Lincoln Memorial

The Mount Rushmore card is HC-MR, commemorating the dedication of the still-uncarved Mt. Rushmore in 1925. The 19/25 card sold in an eBay auction in May 2013, for $16.94. The 22/25 card sold in an eBay auction a month later for $22.20.

Topps Magic Mt Rushmore Topps Magic Coin back

The back of the card is standard for the series: "This is an authentic Buffalo nickel card from 2012 Topps Magic Football. Embedded in this card is a historical coin from 1913-1938." Wouldn't it be nice if Topps inserted a nickel minted in the year commemorated on the face of the card?



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