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Abraham Lincoln on Topps Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball. Topps, Upper Deck, and many other sport card manufacturers have created presidential cards. Here are the Abraham Lincoln variants or short prints from the 2010 Topps baseball set.

Look 'N' See (1952)
Scoop (1954)
US Presidents (1956)
Civil War News (1962)
Who Am I? (1967)
US Presidents (1972)
American Pie (2002) - Mt. Rushmore
American Treasures (2003)
Presidential Pastime (2004)
Presidential Plates (2009)
World Champions (2006)
Campaign (2008)
First Couples (2008)
Heritage (2009)
Heritage: Hero's Journey (2009)
Heritage: Hero's Journey Stamp Collection (2009)
Abe Lincoln Variants (2010)
Magic Historical Coins (2012)

Topps Abraham Lincoln Variations (2010)

When Topps announced the 2010 short prints for the "Pie in the Face" (PITF) cards, they also threw out a teaser: "Who would Abe Lincoln's favorite team be?"

Apparently, because of Abraham Lincoln's association with Illinois, Topps believes his favorite team would be the Cubs. (Sorry, White Sox fans.) The following Abe Lincoln variants have been discovered:

  Abraham Lincoln Variation Card Number
  Cubs: Jeff Samardzija


  Cubs: Ryan Demster 135
  Cubs: Milton Bradley 306
  Cubs: Tyler Colvin 326

The Tyler Colvin variant is humorous and the Jeff Smardzija card is clever with a "Where's Waldo?" type of approach (look at Jeff's armpit). With the Ryan Dempster variant the joke is so old it's not funny anymore, and for several collectors agree that the Milton Bradley variant is just too in-your-face.

2010 Topps Tyler Colvin Abe Lincoln variant 2010 Topps Tyler Colvin common

Talk about your field-level seat. Abe is standing in the dugout watching Tyler Colvin's at-bat. Two Tyler Colvin Abe Lincoln variants sold on eBay on March 12, 2010: one for $84 via auction, the other for $199 via a single-bid auction.

2010 Topps Jeff Samardzija Abe Lincoln variant 2010 Topps Jeff Samardzija common baseball card

Abraham Lincoln did a quiet switch with a fan on the Jeff Samardzija variant. But the card sold for a loud $145 via Best Offer on eBay on March 12, 2010. A day later, another Samardzija-Lincoln variant sold via Best Offer for $125.

2010 Topps Ryan Dempster Abe Lincoln variant 2010 Topps Ryan Dempster common baseball card

A not-so-subtle head swap was done with Abe's head and that of an umpire on the Abraham Lincoln variant depicting Cubs' pitcher Ryan Dempster. The card brought an eBay seller $145 via Best Offer on March 12, 2010.

2010 Topps Milton Bradley Abe Lincoln variant 2010 Topps Milton Bradley common baseball card

"Baseball Abe," the Milton Bradley scoreboard variant that says "Baseball Notes" on the common card, was the first of the short print variants to be discovered. A March 11, 1010, Buy It Now sale on eBay sold for $149.99. The card fetched a lot of bidders in two auctions that ended March 12. With 12 and 16 bids, respectively, both cards ended at $64 and change. Just a day later, one seller got $149.99 for his Bradley variant via Best Offer. But by March 15, the price fell to $54.95 in another sale via Best Offer.






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